Earn Referral Commissions!

EARN a Referral Commission:

You can earn a 5-10% credit toward your next recording session (depending on the size of the new booking) at Threshold Recording Studios NYC simply by doing any one of the following things below. Doing all of them will get you free time added on to your next booking- TBD- a big hug from James, and a blog post from the official studio website.

Go for it.  Let’s do this together.  YOU CAN DO THIS and it’s a great way to earn a few bucks (or better yet) save a few bucks on your development as an artist and help the next musician weed through the wide world of production options out there.

Client Referrals:
You have had a wonderful session with our staff and went online to review us with glowing praise!
Perfect.  That’s great and that’s how it’s done when you are a networking machine and focused on sharing your brand with the world.  You have simultaneously promoted our service and your wonderful work in one click of the mouse.  Awesome! You Rock.  Now lets take it to the next step.  Be a taste maker and give back good advice to your fellow musicians and up and coming artists.  Make a Referral-

Refer a friend or artist to Threshold for song production or studio time.  If we book the session, you get the credit.  It’s that simple. Have them call and speak to James Walsh and connect the call to your name or session and we will do the rest.  Remember, we are selective about who we work with, but if it’s a real musician, audio or video session, and we decide to work with them, we will book the session and make sure you get the credit.

Linking to Threshold:

It’s a linkable, clickable world SO Let’s connect the dots and promote our good works together.

Add a link TO our website FROM your website or blog when you say something kind about us! Website links count big time in our book.  If it looks and works like this Threshold Recording Studios NYC – you have done it well.  We will return the link and apply a discount TBD toward your next booking.  Just let us know when you have made the connection and we’ll figure it out together!


Include us in your social media posts and checkins (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, Pintrest, Tumblr, etc).  We love connecting with you on social media.  Threshold can mostly be found under our full name of Threshold Recording Studios NYC, though occasionally we have had to shorten the name to Threshold Studios (not preferred) and ourTwitter is @Thresholdnyc

Please use the full, “proper” name of the studio (there are copycats -so spelling counts- and NO comma needed before NYC):  

Threshold Recording Studios NYC and hyper link it to https://www.thresholdstudios.com.