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Recently filmed at Threshold Recording Studios NYC: Patriot Act MENTAL HEALTH episode with Host Hasan Minhaj and guest Anna Kendrick.



Don’t settle for recording your Automated Dialog Replacement (ADR), Voice-Over or Podcast in a little ole’ jingle house vocal booth when you can be in one of the top sound stages / studios in New York City. ADR, Voice overs & Podcasts are done in our whisper quiet vocal booth, our spacious live room or our world-class Control Room- all designed for superior voice quality and visually appealing aesthetic.

In our experience, we can confidently tell you that everyone on the session comes alive when they are treated to a real recording studio environment, rich in NYC history. And, surprise! We are usually about 1/2 the price of a typical post house in Manhattan & our quality far surpasses any industry standard set in those static little spaces. We seamlessly provide multiple phone patch options, Source Connect & Skype integration for every session.


Threshold Recording Studios NYC has hosted real time source connect ADR, voice over and podcasts for all of the biggest names in entertainment and broadcast media since 1997. We currently produce some the top podcast properties for JOYCE THEATER, NBC, SYFY, Disney and many more

Ed Harris, Jeffrey Wright, Jay O. Sanders, Michael Douglas, Anne Burrell, Deepak Chopra, Dennis Leary, Candy Pratts Price, Reeve Carney, Jim Gaffigan, Eric Casaburi, and so many more!

We produce E-Books and Audiobooks including Retro Fitness CEO Eric Casaburi’s JUST MAKE MONEY! as well, many which have been featured as top sellers on Amazon and ITUNES

In-Demand Podcast Location in NYC

Threshold Recording Studios NYC is the midtown manhattan location of choice for high quality podcast series production.

Recent Examples:

Still Spinning, The Joyce Theater’s podcast about dance and the creative process



Trey McIntyre talks to us about how he got into choreography, what inspires him to create, and how to know when to leave.



Kyle Abraham on Returning to the Stage

 Apr 30, 2018

In this week’s episode of Still Spinning, we sat down with choreographer Kyle Abraham to talk about his first major solo in nearly a decade, and more.



Apr 18, 2018

Welcome to Still Spinning, conversations about dance and the creative process brought to you by The Joyce Theater.




Dada Masilo’s Reimagined Classics


Apr 3, 2018

Welcome to Still Spinning, The Joyce Theater’s podcast on dance and the creative

In-Demand Filming Location in NYC


Threshold Recording Studios NYC has been a featured location in hundreds of Films, Videos, and Photoshoot Locations. We’ve been the midtown manhattan location of choice for the best and brightest of Broadway including Something Rotten! Kinky Boots, Movin Out, and so many more!

Darlene Love in Academy Award Winning 20 Feet From Stardom, OWN MasterClass Series, MTV, DATELINE, ABC, NBC, CBS, Food Network, SYFY, DISNEY, CNN, MSNBC and more!

Voiceover & Automated Dialog Replacement (ADR)

Threshold Recording Studios NYC is an in-demand New York City Sound Stage for all your ADR and Voice-Over needs. Simultaneous shotgun and lav microphone recording with direct soundstage patching and timecode /  sync through SOURCECONNECT and SKYPE.

HBO WESTWORLD, Last Full Measure, 20 Feet From Stardom, OWN, MTV, DATELINE, ABC, NBC, CBS, Food Network, SYFY, DISNEY, CNN, MSNBC and more!

ADR/post-sync (from the Wikipedia page

Automated Dialog Replacement (ADR) is the process of re-recording dialogue by the original actor after the filming process to improve audio quality or reflect dialogue changes (also known as “looping” or a “looping session”). In India the process is simply known as “dubbing”, while in the UK, it is also called “post-synchronisation” or “post-sync”. The insertion of voice actor performances for animation, such as computer-generated imagery or animated cartoons, is often referred to as ADR although it generally does not replace existing dialogue.

The ADR process may be used to:

  • change the original lines recorded on set to clarify context;
  • improve diction or correct an accent;
  • improve comedic timing or dramatic timing;
  • correct technical issues with synchronization;
  • use a studio-quality singing performance or provide a voice-double for actors who are poor vocalists;
  • add or remove content for legal purposes (such as removing an unauthorized trademarked name);
  • add or remove a product placement;
  • correct a misspoken line not caught during filming;
  • remove extraneous sounds such as production equipment noise, traffic, wind, or other undesirable sounds from the environment.

In conventional film production, a production sound mixer records dialogue during filming. During post-production, a supervising sound editor, or ADR supervisor, reviews all of the dialogue in the film and decides which lines must be re-recorded. ADR is recorded during an ADR session, which takes place in a specialized sound studio. The actor, usually the original actor from the set, views the scene with the original sound, then attempts to recreate the performance. Over the course of multiple takes, the actor performs the lines while watching the scene; the most suitable take becomes the final version.

The ADR process does not always take place in a post-production studio. The process may be recorded on location, with mobile equipment. ADR can also be recorded without showing the actor the image they must match, but by having them listen to the performance, since some actors believe that watching themselves act can degrade subsequent performances.

Sometimes, a different actor than the original actor on set is used during ADR. One famous example is the Star Wars character Darth Vader portrayed by David Prowse; in post-production, James Earl Jones dubbed the voice of Vader.