Over the last 20 years we’ve had almost a thousand bands and probably 5 or 6 times that number of musicians come through our doors. I can’t really think of any relationship that wasn’t a great one. We are a different kind of studio- and it best reflected through the songs we have produced and the kind words of our clients. This list doesn’t even start to name them all.  Please feel free to look up our client based reviews on yelp or google.


  • If you are a musician in NYC you probably know us already- and can surely find some of your peers and favorite cd’s in our client list.
  • If you are an up and coming artist or band here are some thoughts from other musicians who want to help you make the right choice
  • If you are a parent looking for a strong trustworthy relationship–  see what other parents are saying about our services
  • If you are a company looking for a 20+ year vetted music production studio for your voice over and audio needs, you have found the right resource lower in price range than most “commercial jingle houses”. We do a lot of audio production for commercial use and you will find most of the major networks and brands in our client list below.

Owner and Executive producer James Walsh will be personally overseeing your project from the very first time you call to the delivery of your final masters.



Google Reviews


Lisa Quirico: Mom of actress, singer, performer Catherine Quirico:

“It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else. To be able to share your music and sound to a team of strangers can be overwhelming. James and the staff at a Threshold Recording Studios led my child to uncover her signature sound. Their patience, honesty and unique approach enabled her to come out of her comfort zone and reveal what mattered most in her music. There is something really magical about this studio and you’ll realize it when your project comes together so effortlessly. What a wonderful experience. It’s astounding to see the talent in your child come alive when they feel secure and confident. Working with James and his staff has been priceless”.

Cate Quirico James Walsh Threshold Recording Studios NYC

Catherine Quirico & James Walsh at Threshold Recording Studios NYC


Brittneyann Accetta: Singer Songwriter 16yrs old
Being a young and up and coming artist in the music business, I honestly need all the help I can get and guidance from the right people like owner, music producer, James Walsh and his team. Threshold Recording Studios is genuinely an amazing place to record. From start to finish, they have been outstanding in everything they have done. Engineer Mike Wuerth was incredibly patient with me and really pushed me to my limits. Soooooo happy!


Julia Piker: Singer Songwriter 21yrs old

I worked with Threshold to record my first EP two summers ago. My experience with them is one to remember. What a relaxed and amazing environment! Jeremy was not only a producer but also collaborated with me to bring out my sound. He brought my music to levels I never expected to get to. James was an incredible guide and mentor. To work with James is an honor- he truly gets to know the artist and help them to hone their craft and make them feel right at home inside and outside of the studio. Not to mention the slew of incredible musicians that are a phone call away. James and Jeremy were able to introduce me to incredible musicians who collaborated on my album and brought out my sound in the best way possible.

From the very beginning, Jeremy wanted to get a feel for my sound. His suggestions were never invasive or pushy- he was ALWAYS so on my level. The point is- Jeremy and James never tried to change or take over my sound.

Also- Big Plus- they were SO time flexible. They were able to work around my schedule.

I honestly can’t think of a negative thing to say about Threshold- from start to finish it was a dream.

Recording that album was probably one of the most memorable times in my life. For those of you who record music- you know how difficult it can be to find a sound engineer or a producer who shares your vision. At threshold – their vision is your vision. While they take part 100% they allow the creative energy of the artist to be the driving force of the recording. They don’t try to steer you away from who you are as an artist- quite the opposite- they truly allow you to be yourself.

I was lucky to have found the guys at Threshold!!

Singer Songwriter Julia Piker at Threshold Recording Studios NYC

Singer / Songwriter Julia Piker


Marcia Webb: We Are The Woods
Threshold Studio was exactly what we were looking for in a recording studio; state of the art equipment, a beautiful grand piano, and the fantastic talent and musical genius of producer Jeremy Sklarsky. As a NYC based indie band, the staff of Threshold was really able to work with us to fit the needs of our project. Friendly and creative environment and we had a blast recording out album here!

Jeff Pilson: Foreigner

Just wanted to write a quick note to tell you how much we enjoyed working with you last week, and that your professionalism, expertise, and manner were really a pleasure and I hope we can have that experience again. You’re quite a good pro tools op as well (option “C” baby!!!!). Please tell James we had a great experience and hope there will be many more times!

Todd Alsup: Singer, Pianist, Performing Artist
As I began my career as a songwriter and performer in NYC, James was a strong source of support from the very start. When we met I hadn’t yet established my own artistic identity and wasn’t entirely sure of where I fit in the professional music world. I grew up with the sounds of Motown, soul and disco in my head and hands, but I didn’t really know how to bring those sounds to life. I had drive and raw ability, but I lacked finesse, confidence and professional experience.

James had great faith in my talent. He nurtured me and helped me build a path to success. He and his team have worked diligently with me, side by side, helping me put together many of the pieces I need as an independent artist – everything from recording an album, building a fan base, securing endorsements and press, developing a college booking strategy, helping to facilitate placements of my songs in TV and film, and establishing many other key professional relationships. Many of his ideas were non-traditional (some might even say radical), but most of them have paid off in ways we would never have imagined.

He was vital in helping me identify my audience, encouraging me to always be true to myself as a person and an artist and helping me find my sound. He helped me figure out how to reach my goals: strategies which we have used every step of the way to move my career forward. With James’ help I have a record I love, a loyal and growing fan base and I’ve been able to make a living as a touring artist!

Nicholas James (Band): Singer Songwriter 19yrs old

For me, it all started with a piano. As early as 12 years old I began song writing and
singing about love and loss, things I really knew nothing about. Almost 7 years later, with
a lot more experience and now a guitar, I began to refine my art. During the summer of
2010 I finally had my song, and I began to search for a producer and a studio to record in.
When I had my first meeting with James and Jeremy It felt right from the start. I knew
that these were the guys that would see my vision and help me capture it in this song.
After spending hours with me, talking about who I was as a musician and having me play
my demo songs for them, we settled on the song Safe In My Arms. And so the journey
began, as James Jeremy and I began to chisel my masterpiece out of stone.

It was never just about the production with them; once you get to their level of sound
engineering everything they produce is radio ready. For both James and Jeremy, it is
about understanding the artists and his/her song. The process I went through to record
this song, not only made the song what it is now, but has also changed me as a musician.

I was challenged and tested each day I walked through the door of Threshold Studios. There are few studios like this around anymore, let along producers who put this
much care for every one of their client’s music.

Now almost a year later, with a full band I have begun to tour around the New York Tri-
state area playing the big name venues Id only dreamt about playing before my work with
James and Jeremy. Even after we finished the song, and discussed finishing the album
over time, James and Jeremy continue to come to my shows and guide me on this musical
Working with James and Jeremy, and recording in Threshold Studios was one of the
most amazing experiences I have encountered thus far in my young musical career. Not
only for the finished product; my song which has given me much acclaim, but also as a
musician in general. The knowledge that Jeremy has in all categories of musical theory,
past and present bands, and vocal technique has helped to influence not only the sound ofSafe In My Arms, but my future writing. The musician I am today, the one I found within
myself at 20 years old, would still be hiding if it were not for the direction of James. I
look forward to working with James and Jeremy for many years, and many albums down
the road.


Edelweiss:My boys (16 and 14 years of age at the time) were interested in having some songs recorded professionally for their band. We did a bit of research and even though there are plenty of recording studios around us in Northeast Pennsylvania, we decided that we would need to go to New York to get the quality and sound that we were looking for. After visiting a couple of studios we came across Threshold. From the moment we met Jeremy Sklarsky and saw the studio, we knew we had made the right decision. Not only is the studio, staff and resulting sound top of the line, but we were extremely comfortable with the manner in which they worked with such a young band, two of which were our children. Thresholds experience in working with artists on all different levels really showed as the finished product was AMAZING such that we went back into the studios a few months later for a second recording. Whether it’s a young new band or an established band looking to work with a top of the line studio to ensure a great finished product and that their recording dollars are spent wisely to ‘get it right’, I vigorously recommend Threshold Studios.Greg Porlier
Father and Manager of Edelweiss from Stroudsburg, PA


Howard and Mindy Neugeboren

I would like to congratulate you on a fantastic job working with my son, music artist Mat Brandon.

Mat came to you a few years back, as a thirteen year old with some songs and melodies. Today he is an up and coming music artist, with some great songs and a CD on iTunes. I doubt very much anyone else would of have taken the time, over a few years and countless hours, to see the material blossom from an idea and melody into a major accomplishment for a kid now entering college.

– You provided guidance from the beginning, helping develop the songs to the point where they are commercially viable.
– His experience was invaluable in learning about the music business and production.
– An opportunity working with established studio musicians.
– You have provided guidance and marketing ideas, developing branding and a fantastic myspace page where his fans can view his material and purchase his work.
– Your dedication and work with Mat also blossomed into a friendship and long lasting relationship.
– Mat’s music work also allowed him to provide his college application process with additional resource material and gave him a chance to be accepted where otherwise he might not have been.

Sincerly and best regards,

Howard and Mindy Neugeboren

Here are some reviews from our Google Places Page


3 months ago
Recording at Threshold Studios was an amazing experience. It was a pleasure working with Alan Labiner during my session. He was super friendly, professional and highly productive. I’ll definitely be back for more recordings.

Dakota Lillie

5 months ago
This place is great… I recorded a choir here, and the owner James was very courteous and accommodating to the needs of our fairly sizable group. Our engineer, Mike, got a great sound and sent me detailed take notes after the session. …More

OnQ Talent Agency

4 months ago
It was a pleasant experience working with Threshold. Very warm and accommodating, love the energy!


12 months ago
If you’re an up and coming musician..threshold is the place to go..TRUST ME..mike is the man when it comes to mix and mastering and james is the big homie lol, best studio in times square.

Brittneyann Accetta

2 years ago
Being a young and upcoming artist in the music business, I honestly need all the help I can get and guidance from the right people.Threshold Recording Studios is genuinely an amazing place to record. From start to finish, their service has …More

Marcia Webb

3 years ago
Threshold Studio was exactly what we were looking for in a recording studio; state of the art equipment, a beautiful grand piano, and the fantastic talent and musical genius of producer Jeremy Sklarsky. As a NYC based indie band, the …More

A Google User

A Google User
4 years ago
I’ve brought projects to Threshold since 1998 and am consistently thrilled with not just the outcome of the projects, but with the journey and experience that is waiting for me at the studio. Threshold is like a second home for me. It’s …More

A Google User

A Google User
4 years ago
I have been working with James and Threshold for over a decade. A great group of people that truly know this business. They serviced my clients needs as if they were royalty. It helps to work in a cozy, comfortable atmosphere. With their …More

A Google User

A Google User
4 years ago
Ive known these guys for a while and Ive never been disappointed by the level of professionalism, and talent this team bring to the table. As an artist, it is important to find a space in which you really feel comfortable and confident …More

A Google User

A Google User
4 years ago
wonderful warm sounding desk, great mic and mic pre selection in a well designed control room. james is on top of the game and in true form. have been taking my projects here and love it. this recording studio has it all and then some!

A Google User

A Google User
4 years ago
I LOOOOVE working at Threshold Studios!! Amazing sounding room, great vibe, lots of history, and James Walsh and Jeremy Sklarsky are wonderful to work with. If you’re my next Christina Aguilera, we have a great artist development program …More

A Google User

A Google User
4 years ago
Recorded my demo here. Incredible production for a fair price! Great people. James and Jeremy were so helpful in getting the best out of me. I could not recommend Threshold Studios any higher : )

A Google User

A Google User
4 years ago
One of the last great ol’ school recording studios in New York. Great vibe, great gear and a very comfortable place to work. Concrete floors are magic, best drum sound I’ve ever gotten.

A Google User

A Google User
4 years ago
Very Professional. For 8 years I used Threshold as my choice voice-over recording studio for radio and television productions. The sessions, however simple, had demanding service requirements and required a keen attention to detail. …More

A Google User

A Google User
4 years ago
a great atmosphere to inspire creativity. also great sounds, great gear, and great dudes to work with. a must see in NYC

A Google User

A Google User
4 years ago
Have been working at Threshold Recording Studios NYC for a number of years. James Walsh and Jeremy Sklarsky are two of the most qualified and talented individuals I have ever worked with. This New York City recording studio has the latest …More

A Google User

A Google User
4 years ago
Great studio, wonderful staff. Would definitely record there again if given the chance.

A Google User

A Google User
4 years ago
This is the place to make music of any kind. You will NOT be disappointed in the staff, equipment, or space. Perfect

A Google User

A Google User
4 years ago
Threshold is an exquisite recording studio – spacious, welcoming, and inspiring. Owner James Walsh was a pleasure to work with. “Official” home to my music

A Google User

A Google User
4 years ago
Great space, great staff! Creative, indie & professional vibe. I’d love to make our next record there!

A Google User

A Google User
4 years ago
A great place to record, produce, and mix. One of the finest sounding control rooms I’ve ever worked in.

A Google User

A Google User
4 years ago
Excellent Staff and services!!

A Google User

A Google User
4 years ago
I’d absolutely recommend this place to everyone

Guy Mintus Music

5 months ago
Wonderful studio, facility, atmosphere and engineers – much recommended!
Guy Mintus


Here is a partial list of friends and clients that we have worked with as music producers and / or recording engineers.Aaron Comess (Spin Doctors)
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