Podcast | Voice Over Recording Studio NYC

Top Voice Over & Podcast Recording Studio Rental in NYC

Why subject your CEO, high-profile or celebrity talent to recording their podcast or voice over in a little ole’ room with a small vocal booth when they can be in one of the top, legendary recording studios in NYC?  In our experience, we can confidently tell you that everyone on the session comes alive when they are treated to a real recording studio environment, rich in NYC history.  And surprise! We are usually about 1/2 the price of a post house in Manhattan & our quality far surpasses any industry standard set in those static little spaces.


Threshold has hosted voice over and podcasts for all of the biggest names in entertainment and broadcast media since 1997. We currently produce some the top podcast properties for NBC, SYFY Disney and many, many more!


We produce EBOOKS and AUDIOBOOKS as well. And yes, they sound great.

We seamlessly provide multiple phone patch options, Source Connect & Skype integration for every session.

Jay O Sanders, Michael Douglas, Anne Burrell, Deepak Chopra, Dennis Leary,
Candy Pratts Price, Reeve Carney, Jim Gaffigan, Eric Casaburi,  and so much more!