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Congratulations to Threshold Studios Alumni ATOMIC TOM on their recent YouTube viral video success with their fab 'B Train' performance of 'Take Me Out'. In 2007 Producer James Walsh and his team recorded several songs with the band including 'You Always Get What You Want' and 'Dirty Girl'- playing a small but vital role in helping spin off the career of singer Luke White while he was getting his independent footing in the NYC's LES music scene. 'You Always Get What You Want' eventually landed the boys a well paid and vital AMC commercial trailer placement and both songs recorded and produced here at the studio enjoyed considerable success in various MTV show placements.Quality recording and productions certainly provided some of the ammo they needed to build a strong team and eventually land a label deal- and now this smashing 1.7 million view success! They've been busting their butts for several years now and deserve this opportunity. Support them! Rock on Luke:)Hey - was that Luke and Eric on...