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Threshold Recording Studios NYC: Perfect for Singers, Songwriters and Bands.  This week the live room at Threshold Recording Studios was transformed into a photo and video studio for upcoming Threshold artist, Dana Lowrey. Over the course of three days, we were able to capture hundreds of still photos, some indoor and green screen coverage for a music video, and shot a few live acoustic covers and original songs on Threshold's 7' Baldwin grand piano. Our white backdrop and lighting turned the place into a perfect photo and video shoot location.  Shooting the acoustic covers and original songs in the live room gave Dana studio quality audio for her videos - a leg up on most of Youtube! This won't be the last you hear from Aussie Dana Lowrey. You can check out her first single on her webpage, produced by Jeremy Sklarsky and Heather Holley. And it won't be our last video shoot either!  We have amended the Threshold Recording Studios NYC live room to maintain different backdrops for both photo and video and the ability to completely wrap the...