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Last week was an exciting one at Threshold's NYC Recording Studio. Edelweiss was back to complete their debut EP, with Jeremy Sklarsky as producer and engineer. The results are excellent and we look forward to sharing them with you soon. Stay tuned!Here's the maxi-single we completed with the band in January. We'll post the the full EP when it is released!...

Very excited this is being released. In anticipation of their impending North American tour with Foals, Freelance Whales and Foals are releasing a 7-inch vinyl split. Both songs are covers - with Foals covering Mafia's "One" while Freelance Whales lent their version of Devo's Girl U Want." The track was recorded and mixed by Jeremy Sklarsky at Threshold Recording Studios NYC.Head over to Spinner to read the official announcement and hear the track. Enjoy....

Threshold Studios - New Plugins and gearWe've got some new Waves plugins recently and have been really enjoying them here at the studio. At the top of the pile are the CLA Classic Compressors, featuring software models of Chris Lord-Alge's  blue and black 1176's, an LA-2A, and LA-3A. They sound quite excellent. The studio already has 2 hardware blue plate 1176's, but having an unlimited supply in plugin form is quite convenient.Our upgraded Waves bundle includes the Neve modeled V-Series. The clear winner here is the VEQ3, which is a model of the Neve 1073 EQ module. Just a week prior we added two Neve 1073 LB preamps to our 500 series rack and been getting very positive reviews from engineers working in the room.So between the CLA Compressors, the SSL bundle, and the Neve bundle (plus, ya know, some real hardware API and Daking EQ's, 1176's, and Summit, DBX, and Daking Compressors) the mix room is coming together nicely....