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Congrats to Ted Watson and Stargroves! Nashville based label DigSin has signed Stargroves to their growing roster and will be releasing the band's debut album, produced, recorded, and mixed here at Threshold Recording Studios NYC by Jeremy Sklarsky. The band has already received some very positive press - their first  couple of singles (featuring Oscar nominated actress Abigail Breslin) got great write-ups on MTV Buzzworthy and Perez Hilton. Check out their next single, "Hats In The Air" and check back with us for more Stargroves news! ...

We're very excited to be producing the debut album for Stargroves. Front man and songwriter Ted Watson has put together this project and we're very excited to be a part of it. It mixes the influences of Sigur Ros, Stars, Freelance Whales, and many others. The first single, "Westfjords," features Academy Award nominated actress Abigail Breslin and was exclusively featured on Perez Hilton upon its release. This is some good stuff and we are looking forward to finishing this album! Produced by Jeremy Sklarsky (Freelance Whales). ...