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Are you ready to experience what it's like to work hands-on with celebrated music producers in a legendary recording studio? We love this song and this artist! Listen on our Jukebox and enjoy:) Alive! Floating, always floating through time. Going through the motions, never asking why. You just want to know what it feels like, feels like, talking to the stars and you're asking them how You just want to know what it feels like, feels like to be alive. You got caught up with the kings and queens, little dreams that they're always selling you. You gave up, but when he touched your skin you burst again like you always wanted to. All that was just a pretty fantasy you thought would never come true Was shining through You just wanna know what it feels like, feels like Look into his eyes and he says don't fight it now. Smile on your face and you can't contain it indelible escape you hope we'll make it out...