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Threshold Recording Studios NYC owner & Executive Producer James Walsh recently had the pleasure of producing a song in our studio with John Taylor and Roger Taylor of Duran Duran for the non-profit Road Recovery / Threshold Studios Community Fund in-house teen music peer support programs. After spending time with these fine men and musicians it is no mystery to any of us why Duran Duran is one of most successful bands in the world! Great guys- uuuuuUUUUuuuuber talented musicians! Here's a quick clip of John pushing the beat with Roger in the live room. Threshold Recording Studios NYC is a premier state of the art music recording studio staffed with award-winning music producers & engineers located in Manhattan's unparalleled neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen. Threshold has been providing its legendary full-service production, recording, mixing, mastering, broadcast quality VOICE OVER & PODCAST Studio Rental & filming location services since 1997. Threshold specializes in producing original, radio-ready songs with developing musicians & established artists of ALL AGES. Threshold is the perfect fit for Singers, Songwriters & Bands, Networks, Labels & Brands. Hourly, Daily,...