Community Fund

The Threshold Studios Community Fund- TSCF:


The goal of the Threshold Studios Community Fund is to continue to provide support to communities, musicians and non-profit / organizations of extraordinary qualities in their pursuit of creative and healthy lifestyle endeavors, in recognition of the mission of Threshold (Music) Recording Studios and their founding partners Anthony J Maltese III and James Walsh. In the spirit of the founders’ original intentions, the TSC further aims to maintain Threshold as a gathering place to continue bringing creatives together to engage in life-enhancing experiences in a safe, high level environment to foster healthy living.  

The TSCF focus’ on musically creative & healthy lifestyle projects so programs and workshops can continue to utilize Threshold’s state-of-the-art recording and rehearsal facilities located in the heart of New York City. Individuals & community organizations interested in receiving support from TSC are invited to submit a formal application outlining the level of support necessary to supplement their projects, as well as an executable plan to give back to another entity in their “post” Threshold experience. Beneficiaries from the TSC will be required to ‘Pay It Forward’ the opportunity afforded by the TSCF to extend good works in their community.

It should be noted that financial hardship is not the main criteria for receiving support from TSCF. Projects and Programs will be strongly considered if they can benefit from expanded services to fully realize their potential.

Applications will be reviewed by the Threshold Studios Community Fund Board of Advisors and support will announced on a quarterly basis- TBA.


The following Groups, Organizations and Events were selected and received TSC support in 2016.

Threshold Recording Studios NYC Smokey Robinson

Family. Friends. Strength. Courage. Faith
Threshold Recording Studios NYC AJ Maltese Scholarship

A History of Threshold Studios:
thresh·old (noun): the point or level at which something begins or changes

Threshold Studios (originally Threshold Music) was founded & hand built in the spring of 1996/1997 by musical partners Anthony J Maltese III & James Walsh. From the outset, the mission of Threshold was to provide a location for creative individuals to gather & pursue their musical goals as well as build community and relationships. Over the years many successful bands and artists have received their start at Threshold Studios, many receiving financial assistance through heavily discounted rates, services & personal oversight provided by the partners. Since 1997, the mission has expanded to provide a safe location and programming opportunities for organizations like the Road Recovery Foundation which utilize Threshold’s world class recording studio, staffing and rehearsal spaces on a weekly basis to mentor & support youth overcoming adversities in their lives.   

Over 9,000 musicians and almost 1,000 bands have recorded and performed at Thresholds facilities.