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Threshold Recording Studios NYC- Perfect for Singers, Songwriters and Bands! Here are some of the highlights of our recent artist development productions- Mike Billiot Always a pleasure to co-produce with the ├╝ber-talented Heather Holley at Threshold Studios. Early this summer we completed two songs with singer and songwriter Mike Billiot from New Orleans. The beats were co-produced by Andrey Jandy Prudnikov from the Ukraine. Check out his youtube page which already has hundreds of thousands of views. Heather, James and Jeremy have been doing quite a few projects together lately. If you are interest in working with us as a team, and we cover a lot of ground in a unique way as a team, make sure you give us a call. Alana Kessler Produced another beautiful song with Alana Kessler called "Holding On To You." We will definitely be posting this one after it comes back from mastering. Check out Alana's yoga studio at Sangha Yoga Sala. Brett Macdonald What an incredibly productive 3 day session with Brett Macdonald of Virignia! Featuring Tom Welsch (Rock of Ages) on...