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Here's a song music producer Mike Wuerth did with Threshold Studios artist Nadav Gerson. It was a fun little ditty to work on and Nadav went ahead and make a really cool video for it. Congratulations Nadav and way to go team! "Shorty" by Nadav Gerson Produced by Long Island's own Mike Wuerth with Threshold Recording Studios NYC. Threshold Recording Studios NYC: Music Production and Mixers in NYC. Perfect for Songwriters, Bands and Artist Development! ...

Freelance Whales were back at Threshold Recording Studios NYC this month. This band is so great, it is always a pleasure to have them in the house. Big chunks of their highly regarded debut "Weathervanes" were done here at the studio with seasoned Threshold Producer, Engineer, Multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Sklarsky at the helm. We'll post a link to the song they recorded here upon its release, which should come sometime during their upcoming tour with Foals (which takes them across the continent including a co-headlining show at Terminal 5!). Freelance Whales' Judah Dadone with Jeremy Sklarsky @ Threshold...